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Everything went well from ordering to the delivery. Product was delightful nice flavor price a little bit high overall everything was great

Hello Phillip,
We are glad to hear the entire process went well for you. Thank you for your review and order. We are working on getting our product into stores all along the east coast. Once we get into a store near you it will be significantly cheaper to buy there. Thanks again!


I love purchasing from generational businesses that honor the traditions and recipes of their forefathers. Especially those who do not mess or change those recipes and try to fix what’s not broken. Your sausage is the best I have ever tasted! I look forward to buying it for many years to come. Thanks again for a great old school quality product!

Hello Tim,
Thank you for your order and review! We 100% agree, don't change something that's not broken. Louis Konopelski knew what he was doing when he came to the US from Poland, so no need for us to try and change his masterpiece! We are glad you enjoyed your product and we promise to keep making it how it's been made for 100 years!

Great flavor

Will be buying more

Hello Geary,
Thank you for your review and order. We are glad to hear you will be a returning customer!
- Ryan

Great product

The flavor is spot on

Hello William,
Thank you for your review and purchase!

Best Kielbasa I’ve bought

I love shopping online, but hadn’t been able to find good kielbasa. That changed when I bought from Konopelski Meats. This is absolutely delicious. I will be purchasing more!!!

Hello Floyd,
Thank you so much for your review! We are so glad you were able to find us online. We are doing everything we can to get people like you,. our family product. Thank you for all the support!


I live 10 minutes away from South Philly, where there are many famous Polish families that do kielbasa. I have had them all, But your's is the best that I have ever had

Keep up the great work 👍

Hello Edwards,
Thank you so much for your review and order! We are familiar with the different kielbasas in Phill which makes your review mean so much more. We are currently working on getting into more Philly stores. Stay subscribed to our newsletter to receive announcements about any new Philadelphia locations! Thanks again!

Liked it

I will definitely be ordering again.

Hey Jerry,
Thank you for your review! Glad to hear you will be ordering again!

2nd time ordering and it won't be my last.Great product and fast delivery

Hello Charles,
Thank you for being a repeat customer and for your review! We hope to continue providing you with our kielbasa!

Kielbasa for Easter

Just had it for Easter today and everyone loved it. Will definitely order again. Delivery service was great as well.

Hello Valerie,
Thank you for your review and for having Konopelski's Kielbasa as a part of your Easter! We are glad it was a great experience from ordering to eating it on Easter, Thanks again.


needs more garlic, is too finely ground. again, would be better with coarse chopped pork, and more garlic

Hello Ronald,
Thank you for your review, we appreciate your feedback. We understand everyone has their preferences with kielbasa. We like to believe our kielbasa is more of a course ground, however it is definitely not the most course. We don't want to include too much garlic, but understand if you like a stronger garlic profile. We will definitely keep your review in mind when expanding our product line. Thanks!

More than pleased!

I purchased this and had it shipped to my cousin in CA. The shipping was fast and the package arrived cold and ready to be refrigerated. My cousin said that is was absolutely delicious and she was really enjoying it. Will definitely purchase again!!!!!

Hello Elaine,
Thank you for your review! We know some people can get concerned with ordering perishable products across the country, but we do everything we can to keep the product in great condition. We are happy to hear your cousin enjoyed and that you will be purchasing again!


I have finally found a great tasting kielbasa. A great addition to our Easter Dinner.

Hello Susan,
Thank you for your review, I am glad it could be a part of your Easter this year!


It was delishes with my breakfast, not fatty at all.

Hey Joe,
Thank you for your review! I love our kielbasa for breakfast.

This is the Polish sausage. I grew up with my whole life. I grew up on Maple Street in Reading Pennsylvania.

Hello Sharon,
Thank you for your review. It has been our goal to make that same kielbasa that was once sold on cotton street!

Best Kielbasa

First tried your Kielbasa at the Kutztown Country Fair and was so impressed with it that it's now a must have for the traditional Easter family breakfast we have every year. Purchased extra for gifts as well. A beautiful balance of spices and smokiness.

Hello Nita,
Thank you for your review! It's great to hear that attending these fairs and different events do bring us new and lasting customers. We are glad to be a part of your family's Easter tradition, thanks again!


I remember when, undoubtedly directed by a kind providence, I hit upon your site for something interesting and hitherto untried. Thirty seconds later I became convinced that your celebrated sausage was no ordinary one; indeed quite a specialty in its own right!

I may even say that one must be an untiring and determined connoisseur in this our uncritical day to seek out and actually succeed in finding a product so deserving of a cachet of not merely approval, but of that of royal patronage as well!

Sampling my first order of your fine kielbasa totally convinced me of its inherent haute cuisine and in future, not only will I continue to reorder more at regular intervals but I shall endeavor to boom its gastronomical virtues from the housetops so to speak, at every favorable opportunity, to all my family members, friends and acquaintances!

Keep up the excellent work, my friends!

Vincent I'll tell you what, that's one of the best reviews we've every received. As a family business we are so fortunate to have such an amazing customer base like you and everyone else who purchases from us. It means so much to me and my family when we hear how much our customers enjoy our kielbasa. Thank you for spreading the word about our product and if you have any pictures we would love to feature them on our social media page if you can DM us on either Facebook or instagram that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
- Ryan

Good product

My wife and I thought it was very tasty. The only issue was that it was a little fatty. My wife cooked it sliced up in a pan. A lot of fat was noted in the pan.

Hello James,
Thank you for your review! Our product does have a high fat content, however I have some good news for you. We are currently working on a new product that I think your wife might enjoy more! Stay subscribed to our newsletter to be informed when we make the announcement!

Homemade kielbasa.

Currently a LI NY resident-- originally from the Scranton Pa. area. This Kielbasa is the closest to what I could buy back 'Home" and a close second to what my grandfather made in his backyard smokehouse when I was growing up in PA.!! Glad I found you!!!

Hello Janet,
Thank you for your review, and we are just as happy that you found us! Scranton PA has some great kielbasa and to be compared to their products says a lot. So thank you, and we hope to continue delivering a great product to you!

Actually the kielbasa was a gift for some who lives5 states away. However, somehow the order got messed up and he received 2 orders of 4 lbs. I don't know how a mistake was made but such is life. Thank you for prompt shipping though.

Hello Joe,
We are very sorry to hear the kielbasa did not get delivered as expected, if there is anything we can do to make sure everything was properly resolved please reach out to us at Thank you for your review, and I hope you enjoyed the product!

Best tasting kielbasa I have had since moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Vero Beach, FL. This was my first shipment & will not be my last - this shipment isn't going to last too long.

Hello Donald,
Thank you for your review! Pittsburg definitely has some good kielbasa, so I know you know what you're talking about. Thanks for being a great customer!
- Ryan

So good !

Can’t find anything even close to being this good in SC. Just received our first shipment….it wont last long.

Hello Meg,
Thank you for your review! Hopefully we can get our product in a store near you to make your life easier, Enjoy!

The Best

This Polish boy has been eating kielbasa my whole life. This is the best I ever had…….Cheers

Hello James,
The best? Can you say that again! lol. Thank you so much for your review! We know there are many kinds of kielbasa out there and we are ecstatic to hear you think ours is the best, na zdrowie!


I have finally found kielbasa that is so close to what my Dad remembers from his hometown in Perth Amboy, NJ! We will definitely be ordering more!

Hello Tammy,
Thank you for placing an order and for your review! We try our best to be as authentic as possible, and we glad to hear you and your father enjoyed our kielbasa!

Pretty darn good

I live in VT. A long way from the artisan kielbasa shops I grew up with in New Haven (long gone)and Meriden, CT. (don’t ship). Once in a great while we are passing through and pick a batch. As you know supermarket kielbasa isn’t even close to the real thing. It’s great that you ship promptly and it arrives frozen. It’s pretty darn good too, almost as good as my memories (that might just be the amplification of nostalgia). But to be honest not quite as great as the non-frozen small batch article from Meriden. But it’s definitely close enough. Especially since I don’t have to drive for it. Thanks. I’m definitely going to order again.

Hey George,
Thank you for your review! We agree supermarket kielbasa shouldn't even be allowed to call themselves a kielbasa. That's why it is our goal to provide quality Kielbasa to people all over the states, especially in areas that don't have local delis. We are happy to hear you will be ordering again. Thanks for being a great customer!

Great taste and speedy Dekivery

Best rope sausage! This is my second order. Definitely better than local store purchase. Quality is excellent, can’t go wrong!

Hello Joanna,
Thank you for your review, and for being a repeat customer! We hope to continue supplying you with quality Kielbasa for years to come

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