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Not able to review….

I would love to leave a review but I still have yet to receive my order…… no estimated delivery date either….. ordered 12/13

Hello Greg,
I am very sorry for your order not being delivered in a timely matter, it seems there was an issue somewhere along the shipping flow with UPS. I brought it to the attention of our team and we have reached out via email to get you the product as soon as possible.


It was a very good sausage…..I come from a polish community and this was a great product

Hello Craig.
Thank you for your review! Being from a Polish community you know good kielbasa so your review is much appreciated!

Great flavor and goes well with breakfast, you will not be disappointed.

Hello Deborah,
Thank you for your review! What better way to start your day than with eggs and kielbasa!

Just like home

Grew up on Long Island n thats where we always got our kielbasa. Moved to Tennessee n had to keep our family tradition. My son found you on internet. As soon as I opened the box I could tell this was the real thing. We cut it this morning n I tasted it n yes it was the same kielbasa I grew up with. My son came over n opened the refrigerator n said yep I can smell it. Everyone was real happy. You have a steady customer here n I will be telling my siblings who have moved down south we found the real McCoy again.

Hello Barbara,
Thank you so much for your review! It puts a smile on our face when we hear customers say they have found the kielbasa they've been looking for. I know my great grandfather would be ecstatic reading these reviews. Thanks again!

A+ just got some wow the real deal

Hello David,
Thank you for your review! You know us Polacks aren't known for getting too many A+ but I guess when it comes to kielbasa we aren't too shabby lol. Thanks again.


Very good. Lean flavorful no fat.

Hello Janice,
Thank you for your review!
- Ryan

Fast delivery and great service.

Born and raised with Polish ancestry on my mother’s side so Polish food was always part of our family experience. Your kiełbasa tops the list of those I’ve had over the years.
Definitely will order again. Na zdrowie!

Hello Gary,
Thank you for your review! It always means a lot when someone with a Polish background compliments our kielbasa, Dziękuję Ci!

Great service and fast shipping

Received in Florida still on ice and tried it right away. Super good kielbasa. Can't find good kielbasa in Florida. Best I've had since moving from new England

Hello James,
Thank you for your review! We do everything we can to make sure the product stays in the best condition for our customers by using proper ice packs and insulation.

Best Smoke Kielbasa

Best smoked kielbasa I ever bought. I ordered it and it came the next day. I will definitely buy it again. My entire family loved it.

Hello Beverly,
We are so happy to hear that! Thank you for your great review and based on it only taking one day to ship make sure to check the stores that carry our product so you don't have to pay for shipping! It is listed on our website under 'buy in store'
- Ryan

Kielbasa was as good as when your dad and uncle Joe made it

Hello Shawn,
Thank you for your review! Fidge and Joe taught us well so that we could continue the family recipe for authentic polish kielbasa.
- Ryan

Great product

Great product and great service

Hello William,
Thank you for your kind words, we do whatever we can to put the customers first!

My Purchase

Love the sausage. Just like the corner grocery sausage in the Polish neighborhood I lived in for many years in Harvey, Il.

Hello Ervin,
Thank you for your kind words! it his our goal to bring the flavor of traditional kielbasa to people all over!
- Ryan

So delicious!

We used it in a potato goulash and it was incredible. Definitely will order more!

Hello Samantha,
Thank you for your review! That meal sounds delicious
- Ryan


I purchased the four rings and ate one already and it was delicious. I was impressed with the natural casing as it was easy to chew. Some can be very tough but yours was very good. High quality and very tasty product.

Hello John,
Thank you so much for your review! It means a lot and we take pride in using a natural casing over synthetic casings.
- Ryan

Great kielbasa

Not as fatty as I reusable a child which is a good thing! Taste & quality are the best!

Hello Jeanne,
Thank you for your review! We do our best to have a balance with our kielbasa so it is not too fatty.

Tastes just like I remember!

And I gotta have it!

Hello Robert,
Thank you for your review!


As a kid our family never had a holiday without Konopelski kielbasa! So happy it is available again. I sent packages to everyone in my family for Christmas this year.

Hello Diana,
We are so happy to bring back traditions you shared with your family as a child. Thank you for sharing our product with your family the holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Very good. Just the right amount of garlic and “snap “!

Hello Joe,
Thank you for your review, and we all know how important the snap is!
- Ryan

Not Dissappointed!

I've been looking for Kielbasa that tasted like the Kielbasa I had as a kid. I found it again with the Kokopelski brand.
Totally excellent! I will purchase again!

Hello Linda,
We are so happy to hear that our kielbasa is what you were looking for. We hope to continue to provide the kielbasa people know and love. Thank you for your review, and we hope you have a Happy Holiday!
- Ryan


Very good. Wife and I loved it

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your review! You know what they say happy wife, happy life. Better order more for her sake! LOL

- Ryan



Hey Theodore,

Thank you so much for your review. We strive to get the product to all of our customers as quickly as possible while keeping the product in perfect condition. We are happy you enjoyed!

- Ryan

Glad I spotted this kielbasa!

Picked up a package of Konopelski’s this week while shopping at Pronio’s in Hershey. A great sausage! Nice snap and smoky garlic flavor. As others have mentioned — no grease or fillers. Love that it’s from Reading. I’m a new fan.

Hello Don,

Thank you for your review and for giving our product a try! We want it the be the best quality product we can, just how Louis would want it.

- Ryan

Finally A Sausage to Remember

This is the best sausage I’ve eaten in decades. This is a meaty sausage with a nice snap. It is miles ahead of your average grocery store kielbasa which tends to mealy without texture. Konopelski’s is perfectly seasoned and smoked.

Hey John,
Thank you for your review! We are glad you enjoyed our product. It is our goal to bring small batch traditional kielbasa to grocery stores everywhere, producing it the way it should be.

- Ryan

Great Purchase

Really great Kielbasa.. I will purchase again.. This Kielbasa taste like the old time Kielbasa I use to buy in Baltimore 60 years ago..

Hello Roger,
Thank you for your review, we are so glad you enjoyed our kielbasa! We make it the same way my great grandfather Louis Konopelski made it 100 years ago!


An enjoyable sausage and casing texture.
An excellent meat and spice blend without being too greasy.
I will buy again for myself and as gifts.

Hello Joseph,
Thank you for your review! We take a lot of pride in our family recipe and kielbasa makes a perfect Secret Santa gift!! Thanks for being a loyal customer!
- Ryan

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