Konopelski’s Kielbasa- Rope Style 4 lb. Pack

Konopelski’s Kielbasa- Rope Style  4 lb. Pack

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Our Flag Ship product.  Kielbasa (Polish Sausage) a fruit wood smoked sausage seasoned with that just right amount of garlic.   It is fully cooked and can be served hot or cold.  Perfect for Grilling, or served as an Appetizers, Entrée, Sandwich, Soups, One-dish Casseroles, Charcutier boards, kababs or Breakfast (Sorry we don’t recommend serving it for Dessert!).

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1st order

The ordering went very smoothly. The smoked kielbasa is exactly as I remember it, wonderful, with real quality. I don't believe anything has changed in the recipe since I last had it 15 years ago. My package traveled a little over 500 miles and still 2/3rds of the ice packets were frozen. No store bought or national brand has the same quality and flavor!

I absolutely can't wait until the Krakowska and kieshka are available through the website!

Surprisingly, the Pilsudski Polska horseradish mustard was as big of a treat. The national brand horseradish mustards cannot hold a candle to the Pilsudski that I grew up with!
The combo of Kielbasa and Pilsudski is a great treat!

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